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What is the full form of ABM?

About full form of ABM

The full name of ABM is Anti Ballistic Missile. Its main purpose is to intercept and blast ballistic missiles. It is one of a type of surface-to-air missiles. Therefore it is a defensive missile. These missiles are used in anti-missile systems to destroy ballistic missiles. This anti ballistic missile system destroys intercontinental ballistic missiles in the air.

India has recently launched Indian ballistic missile defense programme in the field of defense to protect India from attacks of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Under this program, multi-layered ballistic missile defense systems will be built in India in large quantities so that self-defense can be done. The main objective of launching this programme is threats from countries that have a large consignment of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

This anti ballistic missile (ABM) can be launched from sea as well as from land. Prithvi air defense missiles are used to destroy high altitude missiles and advance air defense is used for protection from low altitude attack missiles. This air defense system is equipped with modern radar networks. This defense system detects missiles coming from a distance of 5000 KM with the help of radar and destroys them in the air.

Prithvi Air Defense (PAD) successfully tested in 2006, making India the fourth nation after the US, Russia and Israel to manufacture anti-ballistic missile (ABM) systems in its own country. Subsequently, in December 2007, the Advanced Air Defense was successfully tested.

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