What is the full form of AD ? | AD full Form

What is the full form of AD and It’s History

The full form of AD is Anno Domini. It is a Latin word that was discovered in the medieval period. This word means in the year of our Lord. It is often used to denote the years following the Christian Jesus Christ. Many times it has been seen that a lot of people are not aware of AD and they call AD after death which is completely wrong.

Purpose of AD

Actually, this misconception grew in people over time because BC means before Christ and both these terms are used to denote AD and BC years.

There was a monk named Dionysius Exigus who founded A.D. After discovering this term, the diolectian era used in the old Easter table was replaced. Dionysius Exiguus discovered this term to find the exact date of Easter after Pope ST John l directed it.

Earlier various methods were used to ascertain the date of Easter leading to considerable confusion. Similarly, a 532 year calendar cycle was used which was discovered in Alexandra Era.

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Usage of AD (full form of AD)

The main objective of creating BC and AD was to create a dating system which is designed keeping in mind the birth year of Jesus Christ. Since its introduction, global history was divided into two parts. However, it is speculated that Jesus was not born in 1 AD. It is estimated that Jesus was born in 6 to 4 B.C. This clearly means that 500 BC means 500 years before the birth of Jesus and 500 AD means about 500 years after the birth of Jesus.

AD and BC have often been used in the Julian and Gregorian calendars to count the years. AD is used to indicate the beginning of the epoch and BC is used to indicate the year before the epoch. Currently, BCE and CE is replaced BC and AD. Here BCE stands for Before Common Era and CE stands for Common Era.

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