Python for Data Science-Architect in Wipro in Bengaluru, India

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Job Description

Data Scientist: Spark ML Experience + TensorFlow N works with the team to create new deep learning and ML algorithms and applications. Create a technical vision and strategy to provide consumer services and technical capability to create DL and ML. Help define and improve large-scale machine learning platforms that help our big data products personalize, recommend, and develop content discovery services for various Huawei mobiles. Services. Define n matrices, perform A / B tests, and oversee statistical measurements of new algorithms and approaches. n Use big data technologies (such as Hadoop, Spark, Storm) to build large-scale data mining pipelines for recommendation and discovery. n Apply natural language processing to understand forum reviews, descriptions and interactions between users. Working with engineering to create machine learning platforms that cover data processing, feature engineering and monitoring n and develop effective models, features, and algorithms associated with user activities and users. Knowledge of interests, blogs and posts, social diagrams etc., natural language processing techniques and neural networks n Experience in implementing and validating big data algorithms n Planning, leading a team in developing and executing your technical vision including technical capable of doing. Decision making, and project management n Effective learning system with experience (improve data collection, training, evaluation, iteration) n The process of construction lies in (monitoring) with experience algorithms n Experience Cafe / TensorFlow / Torr or similar Deep learning n programming experience with similar framework R / Scala / C ++ / Python
Roles and Responsibilities
Mandatory Skills: Python for Data Science-L3
Experience Range: 5-8 YEARS
Employment Type: permanent

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