Senior Software Engineer – Frontend in CISCO in Bangalore

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Who are you

You are a passionate engineer with excellent hands-on front-end development skills with good hands-on experience. You also have experience with 4G and 5G packet cores and radio access networks with network management and telemetry or surveillance data handling. You are keen on best practices, tools and technologies in the industry and keep yourself updated. You enjoy working in a team environment and can strengthen one. You are passionate about developing quality software.

Your responsibilities include:

Integrating new features to our product offerings by well-designed, clean and easy to maintain code
Collaborate with internal and external team to identify system requirements.
Follow industry best practices and try to improve product quality and performance.
The candidate must have the ability to think about the system and articulate the major trade-offs in architectural design.
Good knowledge of software engineering practices, tools and automation frameworks is a must.
Experience in cross-function engineering environments that require the location of multiple product teams.
Help the engineering team to expand technology and networking knowledge by keeping abreast with the latest developments.

Skill set (should be)

  1. Bachelor Degree or Master Degree in Computer Science / Engineering
  2. Overall 8–11 years of relevant experience
  3. Hands-on experience developing UI frameworks such as React.js, Angular – redux and node.js
  4. Strong expertise in React a.
  5. Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  6. Hands-on experience developing UI frameworks such as React.js, Angular – redux and node.js
  7. Hands-on experience in advanced JavaScript features such as – Promise, Closed, ES6.
  8. Knowledge of JavaScript unit testing and debugging tools for Java.
  9. Highly Desired: Experience in 4G and 5G RAN or Packet Core. In the network management system
  10. Highly desired: Authentication, authorization mechanism using JWT
  11. Highly Desired: Design First Methodology, User Experience-Driven Design
  12. Highly Desired: Experience user-facing features with wireframes, design translations
  13. Highly Desired: Benchmarking and UI Optimization
  14. Extensive information technology experience, including an understanding of tools, processes and standard methods of project execution
  15. Experience working with and applying design patterns to solve problems.
  16. Experience with tools such as Maven, ANT, CVS, SVN, Git
  17. Excellent debugging and testing skills
  18. Ability to perform performance and scalability analysis as required.
  19. Excellent in problem-solving and multitasking skills
  20. Check the stability, differences, portability, security, and scalability of the java system architecture.
  21. Familiar with the agile development method


  1. Exposure to containers/dockers / Kubernetes
  2. Exposure to logstash, kibana, elastic search
  3. Configuration knowledge of Cisco routers, switches, and wireless devices
  4. Resolve a problem related to security vulnerabilities in cloud software
  5. Security, database management, backend computing associated with device interaction
  6. Good problem solving, analytical skills and ability to work independently
  7. Windows experience is good.
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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