Latest UPSC geologist syllabus pdf- UPSC geologist exam pattern

Latest UPSC geologist syllabus pdf- UPSC geologist exam pattern with a download link

The Aspirants those who applied for the UPSC geologist Job vacancies can download the Syllabus from this Page. Click on the following given link for the UPSC geologist syllabus pdf to download easily the Syllabus. However, referring to the UPSC geologist syllabus pdf is important for the Aspirants. So, click below to get the complete list of topics for the UPSC geologist syllabus pdf here.

Organization Details of UPSC geologist syllabus pdf

Description Details
Name of the Organization Union Public Service Commission
Name of the Examination Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination 2020
Name of the Posts Geologist, Geophysicist, Chemist, and Jr Hydrogeologist
Job Location  India
Category Syllabus
UPSC – Combined Geo-Scientist (Main) Exam 2020 Date 08th August 2020
Official Website

UPSC geologist exam pattern for upsc geologist syllabus pdf

The exam will be conducted according to the following Plan :

  1. Part I. – Written exam inside the subjects as set out in para 2 below.
  2. Part II. – Interview/ Personality Test of such applicants as may be known as by the Commission, sporting a most of 2 hundred marks.
SubjectDuration Max Marks
General English (Common for all category)3 hrs100
Category -1 For the Post of Geologist 
Geology Paper I3 hrs200
Geology Paper II3 hrs200
Geology Paper III3 hrs200
Category – 2 For the Post of Geophysicist
Geophysics Paper I3 hrs200
Geophysics Paper II3 hrs200
Geophysics Paper III3 hrs200
Category – 3 For the Post of Chemist
Chemistry Paper I3 hrs200
Chemistry Paper II3 hrs200
Chemistry Paper III3 hrs200
Category 4 For the Post of Jr. Hydrogeologist
Geology Paper I3 hrs200
Geology Paper II3 hrs200
Hydrogeology3 hrs200

The following can be the topics for the written examination, for selection to the post of Geologist, Geophysicist and Chemist Group ‘A’ in GSI and Junior Hydro-geologist (Scientist ‘B’), Group ‘A’ for Central Ground Water Board.

  1. Note I: Candidates competing for choice to the posts of Geologist, Geophysicist, Chemist, and Junior Hydrogeologist may be required to seem in all the subjects mentioned in opposition to the respective class above.
  2. Note II: Candidates competing for selection for both the posts of Geologist and Jr. Hydrogeologist may be required to appear in all the subjects mentioned in opposition to Categories1 and 4 above.
  3. Note III: If any candidate failed to appear in anybody or greater of the above papers, meant for written examination for choice to the post of Geologist, Geophysicist, Chemist, their candidature shall stand rejected, and part of written examination appeared by using him/her shall now not be evaluated and counted for any purpose.


  1. All Question papers ought to spoke back in English. The Question Papers will be set in English only.
  2. The preferred and syllabus of the examination will be as shown inside the Schedule.

Interview/Personality Test: The candidate may be interviewed by using a Board of competent and independent observers who will have before them a record of his/ her career. The object of the interview is to assess his/her suitability for the posts for which he/she has competed. Special attention could be paid inside the Personality Test to assessing the candidate’s ability for leadership, initiative and intellectual curiosity, tact and different social qualities, mental and physical energy, powers of sensible application, the integrity of man or woman and aptitude for adapting themselves to the sphere life.

UPSC geologist syllabus pdf

  1. Adverb
  2. Verb
  3. Tenses
  4. Subject-Verb Agreement
  5. Sentence Completion
  6. Idioms & Phrases
  7. Error Correction
  8. Passage Completion
  9. Grammar
  10. Comprehension
  11. Vocabulary
  12. Word Formation
  13. Articles
  14. Theme detection
  15. Synonyms
  16. Antonyms
  17. Conclusion
  18. Fill in the Blanks
  19. Unseen Passages
  20. Sentence Rearrangement

Geology for upsc geologist syllabus pdf

Paper I

  1. Geomorphology and Remote Sensing.
  2. Structural Geology.
  3. Geodynamics.
  4. Stratigraphy.
  5. Paleontology.


  1. Mineralogy and Geochemistry & Isotope Geology.
  2. Igneous Petrology.
  3. Metamorphic Petrology & Processes.
  4. Sedimentology.
  5. Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards.

Paper III

  1. Indian mineral deposits and mineral economics.
  2. Ore genesis and Geophysics.
  3. Mineral exploration.
  4. Geology of fuels.
  5. Engineering Geology.

UPSC geologist syllabus pdf

Paper I

Part A
  1. Solid Earth Geophysics.
  2. Earthquake and Engineering Seismology.
  3. Mathematical methods in Geophysics.
  4. Geophysical Inversion.
Part B
  1. Mathematical Methods of Physics.
  2. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics.
  3. Electrodynamics.
  4. Introductory Atmospheric and Space Physics.


Part A

  1. Geophysical Potential Fields (Gravity And Magnetic)
  2. Electrical and Electromagnetic methods
  3. Seismic Prospecting
  4. Borehole Geophysics (Principles of Well Logging)

Part B

  1. Atomic and Molecular Physics and Properties and Characterization of materials.
  2. Nuclear and Particle Physics.
  3. Electromagnetic Theory.
  4. Classical Mechanics.

Paper III

Part A
  1. Radiometric Exploration / Airborne Geophysical surveys for Geological Mapping.
  2. Marine Geophysics.
  3. Geophysical Signal Processing.
  4. Remote Sensing and GIS applications.
Part B
  1. Solid State Physics.
  2. Laser systems.
  3. Laser cavity modes.
  4. Electronics and devices.
  5. Digital electronics, Radar systems, Satellite communications.
  6. Quantum Mechanics.

Chemistry for upsc geologist syllabus pdf

Paper I (Inorganic Chemistry)

  1. Chemical Periodicity.
  2. Chemical Bonding and structure.
  3. Chemistry of coordination compounds.
  4. Acid-Base Reactions.
  5. Precipitation and Redox Reactions.
  6. Organo-metallic compounds.
  7. Nuclear chemistry.
  8. s-Block Elements.
  9. p-Block Elements.
  10. Chemistry of d- and f- block elements

Paper-II (Physical Chemistry)

  1. Kinetic theory and the gaseous state.
  2. The Collision of gas molecules, Real gases.
  3. Thermodynamics.
  4. Application of the Second law of thermodynamics.
  5. Thermodynamics and Equilibrium.
  6. Acids-bases and solvents.
  7. Solutions of non-electrolytes.
  8. Chemical kinetics and catalysis.
  9. Adsorption and Surface Chemistry.
  10. Electrochemistry.
  11. Photochemistry.
  12. Quantum Chemistry.
  13. Basic principles and application of spectroscopy.
  14. UV Spectra.
  15. PMR Spectra.
Paper III

Part-A (Analytical Chemistry)

  1. The theoretical basis of Quantitative inorganic analysis.
  2. Gravimetric Analysis.
  3. Sampling and treatment of samples for chemical analysis.
  4. Volumetric Analysis.
  5. Acid-base titrations.
  6. Redox Titrations.
  7. Potentiometry.
  8. Complexometric titrations.
  9. Chromatographic methods of analysis.
  10. UV-Visible Spectroscopy.
  11. Flame photometry and Atomic absorption spectrometry.
  12. X-ray methods of Analysis.
  13. Inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy.
  14. Analysis of Minerals, Ores, and Alloys.
  15. Analysis of Petroleum and Petroleum products

Part-B (Inorganic Chemistry)

  1. Basic Organic Chemistry
  2. Organometallic compounds.
  3. Bonding and physical properties.
  4. Aldol and related reactions.
  5. Mechanism of some reactions.
  6. Electrocyclic Reactions.
  7. Organic Reaction Mechanisms.
  8. Organic Spectroscopy etc.

UPSC Hydrogeology Syllabus 2020

  1. Section A: Origin, Occurrence, and Distribution of water.
  2. Section B: Groundwater Hydraulics.
  3. Section C: Groundwater Exploration and Water Well Construction.
  4. Section D: Groundwater Quality
  5. Section E: Groundwater Management

A paper in General English is obligatory and common for all the 4 classes and its general will be such as may additionally be expected of a technological know-how graduate.

three compulsory papers every on Geology Geophysics, Chemistry and Hydrogeology subjects could be approximate of the M.Sc. Degree well-known of an Indian University and questions will generally be set to check the candidate’s grasp of the fundamentals in each subject.

There may be no practical examination in any of the subjects.

Union public service commission has released the syllabus for the posts of UPSC geologist syllabus pdf & Geo-Scientist Exam Pattern & Syllabus. All the Appeared Applicants who are interested in the examination can check their syllabus at the link given below….

[ Click here for UPSC geologist syllabus pdf- UPSC geologist exam pattern pdf download ]

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