What is the full form of ACD?

What is the full form of ACD?

What is the full form of ACD?

Full Form of ACD

Full name of ACD is Automatic Call Distributor. This system is used when a large number of incoming calls have to be reconciled, routed and managed. It is a major part of computer telephony integration (CTI) system. Basically the work of ACD is to effectively separate incoming calls in large quantities and sends them to executives related to those calls.

ACD matches callers’ calls to connect to the executive and connects to solve the problem. ACD devices are used to disperse calls according to their brightness. Smaller ACD devices are used for less incoming calls and larger ACD devices are used to manage a larger number of incoming calls.

Most companies use ACD devices for customer support so that customers can get rid of any kind of problem related to that service.

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